A small introduction..

Welcome dear visitor to our website and online shopping experience. We are The Secret of Ogimi, a B2B and B2C seller of unique, highly curated furniture and objects. Our furniture and objects are beautiful pieces to give that touch of bohemian spirit, bring a touch of nature in your homes or completely indulge in the wabi sabi interior trend. All items are designed by us, and brought to life by our high level of artisans in Bali Indonesia.

In case you are wondering...our name is derived from the Japanese secret to longevity, to be found in Ogimi, Okinawa Islands.

The Ibuki Collection

We love products with a story behind them, or items that get a second life.... Well hello Ibuki collection! All items in this collection are from reclaimed teak wood, coming from century old houses in Java Timur. Every item is unique in its way and the flaws make them more interesting.

  • Kayama Coffee table

    Our Kayama coffeetable is made from reclaimed, old teakwood , coming from century old houses in East-Java. The wood is treated and re-used to make this gorgeous rectangle coffeetable.

  • Sankara Dining table

    Our Sankara dining table is a unique piece, made from reclaimed and old teak wood, coming from century old houses in East-Java.

    The beautiful fishbone pattern used is giving the table extra features that make it stand out from the rest. 

  • Ubuki Rice Mortar

    These authentic rice pounding bowls were reclaimed from old Javanese houses. They have been treated by our artisans in order to get a second life as a beautiful object of decoration. All unique and one of a kind.

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Our showroom

We kindly invite all B2b and B2C customers to our showroom by appointment. Every monday and saturday we are at you disposal. For 'open showroom' events, stay tuned via our Instagram page where we will be announcing dates/events.


The Secret of Ogimi

Bruggelandenstraat 15

310 Tremelo

email: thesecretofogimi@gmail.com

WhatsApp: (+32)473 73 33 14

Our artisan story

Since the start in 2019 we have always sourced from our select group of artisans, chosen by us for their excellence in creating the products of our dreams and bringing them to life. Dreamy Bali is the backyard of our artisans and the place where all these beautiful products are created. Hand made , giving each item a unique one of a kind sense.

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