A small introduction..

Welcome to YOU and taking the time to visit our website and indulge in our online shopping experience. We are The Secret of Ogimi, a B2B and B2C seller of unique, highly curated furniture , decoration and objects.

The heart of our production lies in beautiful, exotic Bali, Indonesia. It's there where our ideas and dreams are brought to life. From there our products travel the world, to our warehouse in Belgium and from there to homes across the world. Our products fit into all interiors who need a little or a lot of natural materials to bring out warmth,calmness and tranquility.

In case you are wondering...our name is derived from the Japanese secret to longevity, to be found in Ogimi, Okinawa Islands.

The Ibuki Collection

We love products with a story behind them, or items that get a second life.... Well hello Ibuki collection! All items in this collection are true 'story tellers', they have had a previous life, being it as a reclaimed item from old East Javanese houses, or objects used by the people of Bali and Lombok. Nothing makes an object more special than knowing it's one of a kind and brings a history along. Find yourself a beautiful space to give them attention and a second life.

  • Ibuki Pot No. 5

    Unique one of a kind vintage find. A pot in concrete, found in Lombok, Indonesia


  • Ibuki Bowl No. 1

    Unique and one of a kind vintage bowl in old teak wood; a beautiful object which was found an restored by our artisan, in Lombok, Indonesia


  • Ibuki Bowl No. 2

    A lovely unique, one of a kind vintage bown in a rectangle shape, in old teak wood. The item was found in Lombok, Indonesia


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Our showroom

We kindly invite all B2b and B2C customers to our showroom by appointment. Every monday and saturday we are at your disposal for showroom by appointment.

For days when our showroom has free access without appointment, stay tuned via our Instagram page where we will be announcing dates/events.


The Secret of Ogimi

Bruggelandenstraat 15

310 Tremelo

email: thesecretofogimi@gmail.com

WhatsApp: (+32)473 73 33 14

SAVE THE DATE: 6 & 7 MAY FOR THE SECRET OF OGIMI WAREHOUSE SALE! More information to follow soon!

Our artisan story

Since our start in 2019 we have always sourced from our select group of artisans, chosen by us for their outstanding craftmanship, creating the products of our dreams and bringing them to life. Dreamy Bali is the backyard of our artisans and the place where all these beautiful products are manufactured. Hand made , giving each item a unique one of a kind sense.

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Did you know....

We, The Secret of Ogimi believe it is really important that the furniture and decoration you order with us, will be delivered in an impeccable state.

Therefore, more fragile pieces and heavier items won't be shipped with regular carriers, but it's us who deliver the goods to your address by ourselves.

Only smaller and less fragile items will be send via regular carriers.

The deliveries from warehouse to customer door, adds an extra cost , which will be charged on the distance from our warehouse in Tremelo to the address concerned.

This is not included in the retail price of the products as we believe it is more honest to people that want to pick up themselves at our warehouse location.

Some items are exceptional in measurements and/or weight and therefore we have no shipping costs communicated. Please contact us for more information on this.

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